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Wallys /MediaTek MT7915 DR7915/Wi-Fi 6 Wave 1+ chipset/support openwrt









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WiFi6 MiniPCIe Module 2T2R
2×2.4GHz 2x5GHz MT7915 MT7975
At CES 2020, MediaTek is showcasing its latest MT7915 Wi-Fi 6 & Bluetooth 5 combo chipset designed for high-performance AP routers, repeaters and mesh networking equipment. Suitable for use at home, in commercial or enterprise applications, the MT7915 chipset family (MT7915A/D) is already available for product development, with first devices expected to launch during Q1 2020.
MT7915 Industry Firsts
The MediaTek MT7915 is the world’s first single chip Wi-Fi 6 Wave 1+ and Bluetooth 5 combo solution. The chip integrates a dedicated RF receiver with ‘Zero-Wait DFS channel monitoring’ – an industry first – that brings faster, highly reliable and easier-to-use connectivity.
The DR7915 is an enterprise wireless module that utilizes the MT7915+MT7975 chipset. It is specifically designed to provide users with mobile access to high-bandwidth applications such as video streaming, voice communication, and data transmission in challenging RF environments, including factories, warehouses, and office establishments.
The module incorporates a 2x2 2.4GHz high-power radio module and a 2x2 5GHz high-power radio module. This configuration enables it to support both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands, providing flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of devices.
With its high-power capabilities, the DR7915 module can overcome obstacles and interference commonly found in challenging RF environments. It offers improved signal strength and coverage, allowing users to access reliable and high-speed wireless connectivity throughout the designated area.
The module's design and integration with the MT7915+MT7975 chipset ensure optimal performance and efficient data transmission. It leverages advanced technologies such as MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output), spatial multiplexing, cyclic-delay diversity, low-density parity check codes, maximal ratio combining, and space-time block code. These features enhance the module's ability to deliver reliable and high-quality wireless communication, even in demanding scenarios.
The DR7915 module is well-suited for enterprise applications where reliable and high-bandwidth wireless connectivity is crucial. Its robust design and compatibility with industry standards make it suitable for deployments in various environments, including factories, warehouses, and office spaces.
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MT7915/MT7975/IPQ6000/IPQ6018/IPQ6010/IPQ4019/IPQ4029/ipq4018/IPQ4028/IPQ8072/IPQ8072A/IPQ8074/IPQ8074A/QCN6024/QCN9074/QCN9072/QCN9024/IPQ5018/AR9223/QCA9880/QCA9882 /AR9582/AR9531/AR9344 /AX200NGW/ AP9342
With over 15 years of experience in wireless industry and penetrating market olfaction, Wallys has designed and manufactured many high quality and cost-effective routerboards and wireless network cards.
In the complex market, Wallys products stand out and are affirmed by partners. From 802.11 a - ax, Wallys always keeps up with the most cutting-edge wireless technology, aimed to help customers take the preemptive opportunities to occupy the market and lead a win -win cooperation.
BY:Wallys Communications (Suzhou ) Co., LTD
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